Dec 13, 2017


Work in Progress

Explode [1]
Deal fire damage.

Explosion [2]
Deal fire damage twice.

Fling Ember [3]
Deal fire damage and lowers fire resistance.

Spurt Flare [4]
Deal fire damage area effect.

Outburst [5]
Deal fire damage to enemies in area effect multiple times.

Medical Liquid [1]
Heal an ally based on your knowledge.

Therapy Area [3]
Heal up to 6 allies within range based on your knowledge.

Floating Treatment [3]
Long duration heal that heals an ally over time.

Vital Transfer [4]
Heal and ally based on a percentage of your CP.

Promote Reform [2]
Buff an ally increasing their potion recovery speed.

Infuse Breeze: Gusty [2]
Buff an ally increase their physical damage.

Infuse Breeze: Zephyr [3]
Buff an ally increase their magical damage.

Infuse Breeze: Ascending [4]
Buff an ally increase their HP and CP.

Infuse Breeze: Swiftness [5]
Buff an ally increase their movement speed and attack speed.

Rising Current [4]
Buff an ally increase the potency of the buffs applied on them.

Compose Golem: Ignor [2]
Create a golem that focuses on damaging your enemies.

Compounding Punch
Punch a target twice.

Deal damage to enemies around the golem.

Rage Burst
Self-destruct and cause a powerful explosion around the golem.

Compose Golem: Lambert [2]
Create a golem that focuses on tanking.

Shield Attack
Strike the target with a shield and a chance to taunt it.

Taunt all nearby enemies around the golem.

Guardians of Glory
The golem sacrifices itself to buff all allies within radius of the golem, increasing HP, defense and elemental resistance.

Compose Golem: Cynthia [2]
Create a golem that focuses on healing.

Helping Hand
Heal allies.

Blessing of Sacrifice
The golem sacrifices itself to buff all allies within radius of the golem, increasing all abnormal resistances.

Last Command [3]
Destroy your golem and use its special ability.

Exploit Homunculus [4]
Activation skill, buff your golem increase defense, elemental resistance, resistance, attack speed and movement speed.

Dusty Truss [4]
Passively increase magic resistance.

Half Vampire [2]
Passively increase knowledge and wisdom.

Intake [1]
Recharge CP.

Dipsozhenic [2]
Recharge CP.

Doping [3]
Recharge CP.

Transfer to L&K Red Stone server

Dec 11, 2017

Screenshots I

Hello there, it's been a while since I posted. I just don't have anything to post about. However, I screenshot a lot. Like I screenshot everything I see pretty much. So I figured why not just make a screenshot dump and post it on the blog. Maybe some of you find it interesting. I'm not gonna list them in any specific order, I'll just upload them and add them to the post. It's up to you what you make of it. Feel free to comment and ask any questions about screenshots and I'll try to answer them.