Prinya: How to indirectly fix the drop system

Nov 18, 2016

How to indirectly fix the drop system

What's wrong with the loot system?
The loot system is currently plagued by party bosses, these party bosses gives an insane amount of experience making most other areas obsolete.
- Party Bosses does not drop loot since they have lots of HP and only come in groups of 3.

What is a Zin creature?
Zin creatures are almost identical to their Ex counterparts, except they have an exclamation mark on the left side of their name and drops approximately 4 times more loot.

Why should these areas have Zin creatures instead of Ex creatures?
Hidden Camp is a perfect example of a good area that gives almost no experience but provides the player with a really good source of item drops. Making creatures Zin in areas where nobody hunts (currently) might make people hunt there for items.

Why do some areas need more creatures?
These are mostly new areas that aren't used. There are almost no creatures there or they spread out too much making it extremely inefficient to hunt there.

(How to fix)

■ Underground Ruins of Damel
► More creatures on every part of the map

■ Buried Underground Villa
► More creatures on every part of the map

■ Temple of Triton
► Make all creatures Zin

■ Mysterious Forest
► Make creatures drop more loot

■ Ancient Ruins in Def Hills B2
► Replace all Scorpions with Spiders

■ Swep Tower
► Make all creatures Zin

■ Nameless Tower
► Make all creatures Zin

■ Molinar Tower 5F and 6F
► Remove all traps and key requirements on all doors

■ Redeye do-or-die Corps
► Make all creatures Zin

■ Redeye do-or-die Corps B2
► Make all creatures Semi-boss Lv1

■ Short Cuts to Dark Elf Palace
► Make all creatures Zin

■ The Cave of Cursed Mizna / Small Dugout
► Make all creatures Zin

■ The Cave of Cursed Mizna / Gem Room
► Make all creatures Zin

■ The Old Laboratory of the Redeyes
► Make all creatures Zin


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